Our People

Willem Ouwens

Willem has over 40 years experience in providing commercial and property law advice, including advising on commercial litigation.

For more than 30 years Willem has represented the Netherlands government in South Australia as legal advisor and as Consul for the Netherlands. He is familiar with passport and visa issues. Willem is fluent in the Dutch language. He is a registered migration agent and provides experience and guidance with Australian visa, migration and citizenship applications.

Willem is a Notary Public and a registered Migration Agent.

Principal Areas of Practice:

  • Business and real estate property acquisitions
  • Property Development, mortgages and leases
  • Commercial litigation
  • Visa and migration
  • Registered Migration Agent No. 9802146
  • Bachelor of Law 1971

Email willem.ouwens@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Karina Ouwens

Karina joined Ouwens Lawyers in 1997 as a para-legal and completed her Bachelor of Laws in 2001. Karina has experience in commercial and property law and also assists with personal injury and family law matters.


  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice 2002
  • Bachelor of Laws 2001
  • Bachelor of Teaching 1996
  • Member of the Law Society
  • Barkuma Industries 2002-2010
  • Can Do 4 Kids (Can Do Caper 2012)

Email karina.ouwens@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Lisa Amabili

Lisa joined Ouwens Lawyers in 2005 as a graduate solicitor. She has experience in a range of areas including commercial and civil litigation, specialising in property matters, security enforcement, building disputes, insolvency and debt recovery litigation. Lisa also practises in the area of property and business acquisitions.


  • Bachelor of Laws with Honours 2004
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice 2005
  • Accreditation for Mediators 2004
  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) 2001
  • Member of the South Australian Law Society
  • Board Member of Barkuma Inc 2010 – current

Email lisa.amabili@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Julie Spartano

Julie joined Ouwens Lawyers in October 2010 after working at a boutique commercial law firm since admission to practice in 2008. Julie practises in the areas of commercial and civil litigation, specialising in probate and estate matters and property transactions. Julie is fluent in the Italian language.


  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice 2008
  • Bachelor of Laws 2007
  • Accreditation for Mediators 2006
  • Diploma in Languages (Italian) 2004
  • Bachelor of Media 2004
  • Member of the South Australian Law Society

Email julie.spartano@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Ruth Wong

Ruth joined Ouwens Lawyers in 2010 as a graduate solicitor. She has experience in a range of areas including Commercial and Civil Litigation. Ruth also assists with international transactions. Ruth is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka and Maya.


  • Bachelor of Laws 2009
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice 2009
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Corporate Finance) 2007

Email ruth.wong@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Rebecca Eibisch

Bec joined Ouwens Lawyers in 2011 as a law clerk. She is now a graduate solicitor and assists other practitioners in a range of areas including commercial and civil litigation, insolvency and debt recovery litigation.


  • Bachelor of Laws 2011
  • Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice 2012
  • Bachelor of Commerce 2009 (Corporate Finance)

Email: rebecca.eibisch@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Stella van der Krogt


Stella joined Ouwens Lawyers initially in 2003 as a registered migration agent. She left Ouwens Lawyers for a couple of years to gain all-round experience. In July 2014 she set-up the Ouwens Migration Advisory – OMA (Dutch for grandmother) office and is the senior registered migration agent. She has experience in all visa, citizenship and migration applications. Stella speaks Dutch and is conversant with German.


  • Master of Management in Health Organizations, Hoge School Amsterdam, Netherlands 1992
  • Bachelor of Social Psychiatric Nursing (Community Mental Health Nursing), Social Academy, Sittard, Netherlands 1981
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Psychiatric Hospital “St. Willibrord”, Heiloo, Netherlands 1978
  • Registered General Nurse, General Hospital “de Wever”, Heerlen, Netherlands 1974
  • Registered Migration Agent number 0323420

Email stella@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Noelleen Williams

Noelleen joined Ouwens Lawyers in 2004 as the senior conveyancing clerk. She has been a para-legal in property law for over 30 years. Noelleen assists in business and real property acquisitions, land division, property settlements, mortgages, community title applications, leases and other Land Title Office applications.

Email noelleen.williams@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Alicia McLean

Alicia joined Ouwens Lawyers in 2003 as a Law Clerk. Her vast administrative knowledge and experience across all areas together with her professional support is offered to the solicitors. She also has experience in security documents such as charges, mortgages, debentures and other various documents. Alicia also provides assistance and support to the firm’s major clients including the Netherlands Consulate.

Email alicia.mclean@ouwenslawyers.com.au

Kaila Copini

Kaila joined Ouwens Lawyers in 2010 as the Administrative Assistant. As our Receptionist, she has exceptional communication and organisational skills and handles a broad range of clerical tasks. She provides support and assistance in all Netherlands Consulate matters, including passports and visas.


  • Certificate 1 and 3 in Business Management
  • Diploma of Business Administration 2012

Email admin@ouwenslawyers.com.au