ouwensmigrationMigration Services

Ouwens Lawyers are registered migration agents, the firm is well positioned to provide comprehensive visa, migration and citizenship advice and guidance.

Ouwens Lawyers have assisted many businesses in securing working visas for their personnel. The firm has also assisted many skilled workers and families in their migration to Australia and New Zealand.

Ouwens Migration Advisory (OMA) is the section of Ouwens Lawyers that will assist in the preparation of all applications and other supporting documents required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

The team of Ouwens Migration Advisory offers:

  • Personal consultation
  • Professional advice based on current immigration law
  • Assessment of your eligibility to apply for different types of visas
  • Assistance with visa or citizenship application
  • Processing and submitting your application
  • Provision of updates regarding your application process
  • Assurance that we will only accept clients who meet all the migration and eligibility criteria and thus to the best of our knowledge will be successful in their application
  • Assistance with appeal applications and attend tribunal hearings and courts